Bestsellers: Chocolate Tasting Kit


An exclusive! This fun tasting kit contains a curated collection of four best-selling chocolate bars made with cocoa beans from around the world. Inside you'll find an informational placemat with tasting steps, a flavor wheel, and more. It's everything you need to host a chocolate tasting party or learn how to taste chocolate like a professional. This kit includes four of our most popular bars:

Coconut Milk Chocolate: Our first true "milk" chocolate, made without dairy! We handcraft this vegan 52% milk chocolate with organic coconut and cocoa beans that we source directly from lead farmer partner, Vitaliano, and son Moises in Del Tambo, Ecuador.

Dark Chocolate + Red Raspberry CollaBARation Bar: With a Good Food Award under its belt, this popular bar is bright & juicy, made with real organic Red Raspberries and cocoa beans directly sourced from Del Tambo, Ecuador.

72% Mababu, Tanzania Dark Chocolate Bar: This dark chocolate is made with directly-sourced cocoa beans from the village of Mababu, Tanzania. The bar has smooth fruit notes, like a delicious strawberry jam, with an incredibly creamy texture.

65% Powerhouse Dark Chocolate Nibble Bar: Satisfying crunch meets creamy-dark-chocolate-richness. We're proud to make this first-ever dark chocolate bar blending directly sourced cocoa from two impressive female farmers: Monica Guaman from the Amazon; and Mama Mpoki in Mababu, Tanzania. 

Email for options & virtual chocolate tasting details! 

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