76% Chinchipe, Ecuador Dark Chocolate Bar— AKA “The Zeke Bar”

We partnered with Zeke Emanuel, chocolate aficionado and healthcare policy expert, to create this dynamic limited edition criollo bar. We are honored to have sourced an ancient and rare type of Criollo bean from an inspiring 70-year-old cocoa farmer, Lenore, whose family farm is located deep in the Amazon rainforest.

This limited edition chocolate bar is Certified Kosher D.E., vegan and gluten free.

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2020 Good Food Award Finalist

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Blackberry, plum & sweet butterscotch with a coffee finish

2020—Good Food Award Finalist

Processed in a facility that also processes milk, tree nuts and wheat.

Ingredients: Chinchipe Cocoa Beans (Criollo), Cocoa Butter (Made in our factory with Amazonia cocoa beans), Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Sucanat Cane Sugar. 

Serving Size 42.5g (1/2 bar)
Total Calories 240, Fat Cal. 140, Total Fat 17g (26%), Saturated Fat 10g (50%), Trans Fat 0 (0%), Cholesterol 0 (0%), Sodium 10mg (0%), Total Carbs 19g (6%), Fiber 9g (36%), Sugars 10g, Protein 3g, Vitamin A (0%), Vitamin C (0%), Calcium (3%), Iron (11%)

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Zamora, Amazonia

Traveling to Zamora, Amazonia involves a plane, a car, and a boat. Located in southeastern Ecuador, on the edge of the Amazon rain forest, Zamora is lush and fertile, if not challenging to navigate--the tiny village is perched on cliffs, “in the clouds.” The families, many of whom are indigenous, plant their small cocoa farms on terraced land. The cocoa trees are surrounded by “primary” forest.

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