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Chocolate Tasting Kit

Our Chocolate Tasting Kit contains everything you need to host your own tasting party or have fun learning to taste chocolate like a professional. Contains 4 distinct chocolate bars + tasting steps & flavor wheel.

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An exclusive! This fun tasting kit contains  a curated collection of four distinct chocolate bars made with cocoa beans from around the world. The lid acts as a placemat, and inside you'll find an informational card with tasting steps, a flavor wheel, and more. It's everything you need to host a chocolate tasting party or learn how to taste chocolate like a professional. The kit includes these 4 bars: 

White Chocolate Bar: We're one of the only chocolate makers in the US making white chocolate from scratch. With a 34% cocoa butter content--which we press ourselves from beans directly sourced from Davao, Philippines--this cool, buttery bar also includes organic cane sugar and goat's milk powder. 

62% Dark Milk Chocolate Bar + Fleur de Sel: With two Good Food Awards under its belt, this popular bar leads the pack in the world of milk chocolates. It's made with cocoa beans directly sourced from Davao, Philippines, organic cane sugar, goat's milk powder, and a dash of Fleur de Sel sea salt. 

70% San Jose Del Tambo, Ecuador Dark Chocolate Nibble Bar: We make this earthy dark chocolate with cocoa beans we source directly from the cloud forest village of San Jose Del Tambo, Ecuador. This chocolate is robust and full-bodied.

72% Mababu, Tanzania Dark Chocolate Bar: This dark chocolate is made with directly-sourced cocoa beans from the village of Mababu, Tanzania. The bar has smooth fruit notes, like a delicious strawberry jam, with an credibly creamy texture.