Origin Trip #43: Zamora, Amazonia- 2019

Zamora, Amazonia

Monica, our lead farmer partner in Zamora, Amazonia, holds the single origin chocolate bar (now featuring a 2019 Good Food Award emblem!!) made with her co-op’s beans.

Zamora, Ecuador

Shawn spent a very rainy day yesterday exploring the small cocoa farms of our Arriba-Nacional-growing farmer partners in Zamora, located in the “cloud forest”.

The indigenous Shuar tribe have lived here for thousands of years and have been growing and harvesting cocoa–originally used for a drink–since approx. 3,300 BC. The beans we purchase from this village are descendants of the originals and the same is true for the farmers we are buying from, including Monica whose family has been growing cocoa for generations.

Zamora, Amazonia

Shawn met with the entire co-op to taste-test chocolate, share profits and discuss next year’s contract. We’re honored to work with the amazing farmers of Zamora, and we think you can taste this partnership in the chocolate.