Child Labor In The Cocoa Industry

Any day the Supreme Court will rule on a case brought by former child slaves in the cocoa industry. Askinosie Chocolate CEO & Founder, Shawn, is quoted in this poignant article from The Counter, written by Simran Sethi, that takes the complex subject of the litigation surrounding this issue and breaks it down into understandable pieces. The bottom line? Chances are, the cheap candy bar we've all enjoyed from time to time was produced, in part, by children. And it needs to stop. This is an important issue that we should all care about, not just those in the industry. 

We’re proud that our company has united with 17 other small chocolate brands as an amicus party in this important case fighting against child slavery in the chocolate industry. Watch a Zoom recording of Shawn Askinosie on a panel discussing this case here.

Read my statement from 2019 on child slave labor in the cocoa industry.