Fourteen Years of Direct Trade And Counting

This month marks our fourteenth & most challenging year of practicing direct trade and sharing profits to source premium cocoa beans from smallholder cocoa farmers across the globe.  
From covid-related delays at port to record levels of rain, our farmer partners continue to experience unprecedented challenges across the board coupled with our inability to visit in-person for the past year. But nothing can derail our direct trade duties which is why we've doubled-down on virtual communication, deeper collaboration, consistent adherence to our policies and more importantly, continuing to foster kinship through our community development initiatives like our Empowered Girls programs. We’re committed to investing in projects at origin that help further everyone's success. Interested? Read on below & support these farmer artisans by purchasing chocolate made from the exceptional cocoa beans they grow. 

After carefully (virtually) inspecting another year’s shipment of cocoa beans over multiple video chats, we’re thankful that these Trinitario beauties arrived at our factory last week safe & sound. The beans are as excellent, and we can't wait to begin making chocolate with them soon!
Due to historic rainfall and flooding, our farmer partners reevaluated this year’s crop of cocoa beans meant for us. After careful observation and moisture-testing, these true artisans ensured the quality remains unmatched by cherry-picking only the best of the harvests bound for our factory. 

Due to delays caused by covid, just like many goods around the world right now our shipment of cocoa beans has been delayed in Ecuador for weeks. Because we work with the farmers to act as their own exporters, global logistics issues continue to be one of our biggest challenges. However, we're happy to report that these Arriba Nacional beans are on their way to us soon! 
Currently, we are funding the construction of several post-harvesting fermentation boxes, cocoa bean drying beds and a storage warehouse at origin through a 0% interest micro-loan. Stay tuned for a new woman-led project at our Zamora origin, coming in 2022.