Origin Trip Davao 2015 Malagos Elementary School 

Shawn shares updates from the first origin trip of 2015, to work with our cocoa farmer partners in Davao, Philippines. On the first day, I visited Malagos Elementary School where we began the first Sustainable Lunch Program three years ago.

Origin Trip Davao 2015 Peter Cruz

I’ve worked with Peter (featured on the front of our Davao bars) for nearly 8 years now and are honored to call him our farmer partner.

Origin Trip Davao 2015 Yoga

A little post-meeting warrior two pose with non-governmental agency cocoa workers here (and City Council member) in Davao Philippines.

Origin Trip Davao 2015 Davao City Council Resolution

I was presented a Davao City Council resolution for Askinosie Chocolate commending our contribution to the cacao industry and social impact there– for placing “Davao cocoa beans on the world map”, initiating “a sustainable malnutrition program”.

Origin Trip Davao 2015 Cocoa Bean Raised Drying Beds

Beans drying in the sun! While in Davao, Philippines, I inspected the post harvest site where our beans are fermented and dried.

Origin Trip Davao 2015

In my 10 years of looking for cocoa beans around the world I’ve seen a lot of poverty. I think urban poverty might be the worst.