Origin Trip Davao 2017

Update from Davao, Philippines: Shawn met with lead cocoa farmer, Peter Cruz, to inspect our next shipment of cocoa beans and ensure they meet our contract specifications. This includes spending time on the farms, performing cut tests to check moisture content and even roasting some beans over an open fire. And of course, sharing profits!

Origin Trip Davao 2017 Fermentation Boxes

Peter checking the fermentation box full of our Trinitario cocoa beans.

Origin Trip Davao 2017 Profit Share

Peter signs our contract and financial statements after Shawn hands over the profit share cash.

Origin Trip Davao 2017 Product of Change Program

Shawn visited our partner schools, Malagos and Baguio, and was able to see our sustainable lunch programs in action.

Origin Trip Davao 2017 Baguio Elementary School

Shawn spent his Valentine’s Day speaking to 800+ Baguio students and their parents.

Origin Trip Davao 2017 Good Food Award Winner

Peter holds a certificate Shawn presented to him to commemorate our 2017 Good Food Award for our Dark Milk + Black Licorice CollaBARation™ bar, made with Davao beans.