Origin Trip Amazonia 2018

After meeting with Vitaliano, our lead farmer partner, Monica (pictured far right), in Ecuador, I made the short trip to see our newest farmer partner group in Zamora, Amazonia. Bringing chocolate for two origin trips is a challenge, but a necessary one. On every single trip we not only bring cash to profit share–we also bring chocolate made with their cocoa beans (and sometimes our other origins, for comparison).

Origin Trip Amazonia 2018 Chocolate Tasting

Origin Trip Amazonia 2018 Chocolate Tasting

Our farmer partners are artisans, whose expert handiwork directly impacts the flavor of our chocolate bars. Their superb techniques in growing, harvesting, fermenting, drying and sorting the cocoa beans ensure the best tasting chocolate possible for all of you to enjoy. One of our aims with Direct Trade is to honor their work in every way we can.

Origin Trip Amazonia 2018 Monica

This is Monica, our lead farmer partner in Zamora who expertly leads the tiny co-op of smallholder farmers we purchase cocoa beans from for this beautiful new bar of ours. I took this photo of her two days ago– it was her first time seeing the packaging in person since we released this bar last fall. Introducing you all to the real faces behind the hard work that goes into making chocolate– that’s our modus operandi.