Davao Origin Trip 2018

Shawn met with lead farmer, Peter Cruz, pictured here alongside farm manager, Johnny. They inspected our next shipment of cocoa beans, taking random samples to perform cut-tests to check fermentation, plus checking the moisture content of every bag of beans.

Davao Origin Trip 2018 Bean Cut Test

One of the many benefits of Direct Trade is the ability to spot and correct any issues, whether at the farm or during post-harvest, before the beans arrive at our factory. If we worked with a broker or purchased beans sight unseen, we wouldn’t be able to ensure high-quality beans to make premium chocolate.

Davao Origin Trip 2018 Profit Sharing

Like every trip, one of the items on the agenda is opening our books and sharing profits. Shawn met with Peter & Johnny to review our financial statements and distribute cash. After reviewing our financial statements, signing the documents and shaking hands, they had a chocolate tasting. It’s imperative to taste batches of chocolate from previous crops from Davao and discuss how future cocoa beans can be tweaked or improved. This is yet another benefit of Direct Trade!

Davao Origin Trip 2018 Peter and Pipo Cruz

Peter’s son, Pipo, is picking up the family business and currently learning the ins and outs of cocoa farming from his father.

Davao Origin Trip 2018 Raised Drying Beds

Shawn also visited a new storage and fermentation facility owned by lead farmer, Peter Cruz, just a few miles away from Baguio Elementary, where our A Product of Change initiative has been implemented to provide school lunches for area students.

Davao Origin Trip 2018 APOC Lunches

While in the area Shawn was able to see the Baguio Elementary school lunch program in action and meet with the principal and teachers who all voted unanimously to continue the Tableya project for another year so that the lunches can be funded.