Chocolate Ganache Truffles

All you need is love and a little Askinosie Chocolate with heavy whipping cream to make these chocolate ganache truffles. Two simple ingredients never tasted so good! 

3.5 bars (300g) any Askinosie Chocolate dark chocolate bar, chopped
6 oz heavy whipping cream
Askinosie Chocolate Natural Cocoa Powder (for dusting)

Place chocolate in a large, shallow, and wide, heatproof bowl. In a large, deep, heavy bottomed pan, on medium-low heat, bring heavy cream to a boil.* Turn down the heat and let the cream continue with a slow boil for a full minute. Stir often, making sure the cream does not burn or foam to reach the top of the pan. Immediately take the cream from the heat and pour all over the chopped chocolate all at once. The cream must cover all of it and will melt the chocolate. Briefly mash the large pieces down into the cream with a wire whisk. DO NOT STIR. The mixture should sit for at least 2 to 4 minutes (or more) until the chocolate starts to melt. When the chocolate has somewhat melted, stir the ingredients together with a heatproof rubber spatula. Begin stirring in the center in concentric circles, and gradually widen it towards the edges of the bowl to pull in more chocolate. Do not whip air into it, but mix it thoroughly until combined. Continue stirring from the center out to melt all of the chocolate. Don't overwork the chocolate mixture beyond combining, as it can curdle and turn into a gray, grainy mess. When mixed, the ganache should be smooth and glossy. Press a piece of plastic wrap on the surface to prevent a skin from forming and place it in the refrigerator for 15–30. Ganache should be very firm. Using a teaspoon, scoop out some ganache, roll into a ball between the palms of your hand. Make the shapes no more than ¾- to 1-inch wide in diameter. Work quickly because hands are very warm and will quickly soften the ganache. If ganache becomes soft, chill briefly to harden. Finally, roll truffles in cocoa powder to coat lightly.