Warm Weather Chocolate Shipping

In the oppressive summer heat, we are often asked, “Are you still shipping?” Indeed we are! We understand the concern; after all, chocolate melts quickly. But we’re experts– our dedicated Shipping Team has almost a decade of experience shipping chocolate and regularly troubleshoots to curb issues that might arise during transit.

A few ways we mitigate melting: 

  • We use Green Cell, a corn-based styrofoam alternative, to insulate our recycled cardboard boxes and protect the chocolate inside. Green Cell is compostable, in-sink biodegradable, and its outer plastic sleeve is recyclable. 
  • Our reusable ice packs are securely fitted next to your chocolate goodies, keeping them cool for up to 48 hours. Don’t worry if the ice packs have gotten toasty in transit, that just means they've done their job! As long as your chocolate is cool to the touch, you can still consume it!
  • We only ship Monday through Thursday to avoid packages sitting in warm warehouses over the weekend. 
  • Our Shipping Manager carefully calculates shipping times and routes, ensuring that chocolate reaches you quickly and in the best condition possible. 

Unboxing Chocolate Delivery

We’ve been in the warm weather shipping game for over 15 years, so rest assured we do our very best to ensure your order gets to you safely and in the best condition possible. If your bars arrive damaged, our team will work with you to resolve the issue. Reach out to info@askinosie.com with any questions.