Cocoa Nib Iced Coffee

Xocolatl/Choffy/Shell Tea/Cacao Coffee, whatever you like to call it, you can make your own cocoa brew using our single origin Roasted Cocoa Nibs! 

Yields approx 1 gallon. Shelf life is approx 1 week.

What You'll Need:
1. 500g freshly roasted, whole bean coffee
2. 500g Askinosie Roasted Cocoa Nibs
3. 5000g water

To Make:
1. Set your grinder to the coarsest setting and grind coffee.
2. Pour coffee grounds into a Toddy cold brew station and add 2500g of cold water*
3. Pour 500g of Nibs into a separate Toddy cold brew station and 2500g of cold water.
4. Let each Toddy brew sit undisturbed for 8-10 hours.
5. After 8-10 hours, extract the coffee brew mixture into a gallon-sized pitcher, then extract the Nib brew mixture into the same gallon-sized pitcher.
6. Cocoa Nib Iced Coffee is ready to serve! Keep refrigerated.

*If you’ve never used a Toddy cold brew station before, they’re really quite simple. The coffee grounds are fully integrated with cold water, and will continue to brew for 8-10 hours in the plastic cold brew station. Make sure that the cloth filter is placed in the bottom of the plastic vessel before you start brewing, and that the rubber stopper is placed snugly into the opening at the bottom of the container.